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5.0 stars

Posted by Anonymous

October 12, 2022

Best Family Law Lawyer

Daniel is the best lawyer you can ask for. He is dependable, professional, and passionate about serving his clients. Daniel helped me through the worst time of my life by being available to answer all my questions and setting realistic expectations for the long road ahead. He helped me earn full custody of my son, and even though we both knew it was going to be difficult, he stuck with me, stayed positive, and was very thorough in his work in order to obtain full custody. I cannot say enough about his professional work ethic. He will not stop until all the appropriate paperwork is submitted and accurate. His knowledge of the law and his passionate spirit in seeking justice was the difference that tipped the scales in court. In addition to the fact that the opposing party was doing everything to prove that I should have full custody, it was Daniel who remained consistent in filing accurate paperwork which was necessary to expediate the process and cut out any unnecessary delays. For example, typical child custody cases can be dragged out for an indefinite amount of time, however in my particular case I got full custody in less than 9 months. I do want to caveat that by saying, the court case is still ongoing however not due to Daniel dragging his feet but because the court calendar is booked with many other cases. Bottom line, I highly recommend Daniel and his staff.

5.0 stars

Posted by Anonymous

October 5, 2022
Excellent !!!

Attorney Cargnelutti did a wonderful job on our case. He possessed a strong knowledge of the law and spent long hours and weekends preparing for each phase of the case. He was compassionate and followed through with the promises he made to us during our initial consultation. He was an excellent attorney!

5.0 stars

Posted by Antonio

October 5, 2022

Child custody and child support
Great lawyer and person. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a lawyer. Hired Daniel last year in august and has helped me thru every step of the process for family court. Help me get 50/50 visitation time with my children when the mother would refuse. Child support court went the same way was being garnished and Daniel helped fix the situation flawlessly. Thanks for the help Daniel.

5.0 stars

Posted by Michael
February 9, 2018

Highly Recommend Daniel

Words are not enough to express my deep appreciation for Attorney Daniel. If you are in need of an Attorney who is knowledgably, honest and committed, then look no further as Daniel is the Attorney for you. Attorney Daniel would dedicate countless of hours with me to ensure the needs of my case are met. I presented Daniel with a difficult case that many attorneys turned down by the level of task at hand but not Daniel. He believed in my case, and provided an attainable roadmap that helped move my case into the right direction. I couldn’t ask for a better Attorney. His level of professionalism, keen insight and impressive background has won my deep admiration for such an impressive Attorney. I highly recommend Daniel. There is no other Attorney quite like him.


5.0 stars

Posted by Karen
January 26, 2018


Daniel is amazing! I have had two occasions where he has helped me and in both cases he has been successful to get me a great outcome. He is extremely helpful and sincere. He explains everything very thoroughly to make sure you understand and make his best recommendation. Without his help I wouldn't of known what to do in my cases. I definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you for everything Daniel!!!


5.0 stars

Posted by Brianna Harb
August 12, 2017

Outstanding Attorney!!!

An amazing attorney!! Professional. Prompt! Extremely affordable, bilingual and excellent service! I highly recommend Daniel Cargnelutti! If there are more than 5 stars I can surely give TEN AND more! 

5.0 stars

Posted by Lionel
April 14, 2017

Great attorney, like family.

Daniel is very well put together. He juggles so many things at once, you would imagine that the dialog has been lost in the minutia of things, but he retains all of that information and uses it all to the benefit of the case. He is genuine, and sincere. I have a great deal of respect for Daniel and his staff, who all go above and beyond to make sure that lines of communication are always open and available. He not only understood the importance of the case to me, but he was also noticeably invested in my well-being. Daniel my not be an aggressive person by nature, and this is evident in his poise and controlled demeanor in trial, but I can affirm that he is as passionate of the case as you are. Daniel represented me well above the expectations, and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of honest and steadfast representation. As I stated, he represented me like family. I haven't needed an attorney many times before, but I know now that there is a difference. Daniel set the bar, and even though I have no plans on ever needing one again, I feel blessed knowing that I can depend on Daniel and his staff.


5.0 stars

Posted by Cheryl
April 14, 2017

Best Lawyer!

Daniel is the best lawyer. He is powerful and just amazing at what he does. He helped us very much and won our case. If I ever need another lawyer, or anyone I know needs a lawyer I will send him in their direction. His staff is friendly and kind, very professional just as he is. My kids love Daniel and his staff and has restored our faith and given us hope. Thank You Daniel! 


5.0 stars

Posted by Andrew
April 3, 2017

Great Job!

He did a great job, he got me everything I asked for! In a case that was a up-hill battle, he came through, thank you Daniel, 


5.0 stars

Posted by Christy
March 28, 2017

Hiring Daniel was the best decision I have made

I was referred to Daniel by a good friend and I hired him as my attorney in October 2016 for a Family Law case, this was the best decision I could have made. He always gets back to me and has given me the best service for what i paid for. He is professional in court and makes himself available for meetings even if last minute. He already got me what I wanted in the first court hearing and I am confident that we will win in the end. My case is in good hands with Daniel. 


5.0 stars

Posted by Francisco
March 22, 2017

My decision to have my case handled by Cargnelutti is based on my 25 yrs of my working in the court system. 

I have worked interpreting and translating in the court system for 25 yrs. and in 4 different counties. I work with attorneys on a regular basis and see them in action daily. Daniel Cargnelutti is not only very knowledgeable, but also polite, patient, efficient personable and therefore highly successful in his practice and negotiations. When I had the need for legal representation I had no hesitations in having Daniel handle my case. When we met at his office my previous impressions were not only confirmed but multiplied ten fold. It is no surprise he has earned the respect of judges, counsel, staff, litigants and counterparts alike.
I have referred him to family and friends. He is handling my sister's case with the same determination, keenness, kindness, patience and resolve as mine and the other clients I saw him representing in court.  My neighbor asked me for an attorney last week for her divorce.
Again; No hesitation. I gave her Cargnelutti's number.


5.0 stars

Posted by Karla
March 21, 2017

Attorney Cargnelutti is a wonderful attorney! 

I needed to retain an attorney to help me with my complicated child support case where father is hiding income. I met with Mr. Cargnelutti and he took his time to listen and understand my situation. He identified quickly the issues of the case and proposed a detailed plan of action to be taken. Mr. Cargnelutti has been timely, detailed, professional and compassionate when dealing with my case which is now set for trial. I feel confident about the outcome as Mr. Cargnelutti not only knows the law but he is skilled in presenting a winning case in a professional and classy manner. I highly recommend him.


5.0 stars

Posted by Fernando
February 20, 2017

Excellent and Affordable!

I was satisfied with Attorney Cargnelutti's representation and his knowledge of Family Law. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Excellent work, and affordable.


5.0 stars

Posted by Anonymous
December 26, 2013


Mr Cargnelutti is gr8 at his job he follows through to make sure he gets what works for your case. He remains well composed, graceful and un-phased with opposition in the court room allowing him to perform amazing without getting involved in all the ugliness and drama, in addition his team keeps you informed and at ease when things look the worst.

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